The humbling experience of the specialist in the CrossFit box

I am a specialist -  I’ll be the first to admit that. I am a swimmer first and a CrossFitter second. My focus at the moment is the Commonwealth Games trials in 7 weeks. My focus is swimming fast. I take a rest day from CrossFit the day before a quality swim session. I am eating to be leaner, not to put on muscle. Swimming comes first - everything else comes second.

I am ok with this balance until I am at the box. This time last year I was definitely more “CrossFit” than I am now. I wasn’t always putting swimming first. It just wasn’t as important. And I was doing pretty damn well at CrossFit even if I do say so myself. However this year, I am not. I am a much faster swimmer, but not a better CrossFit athlete. And it kills me (and my competitive nature) every time I am smashed in a WOD. It kills me that I have trained so hard (and am still training so hard) and I seem to suck on beyond the whiteboard. I know why it is, but it sucks.

CrossFit - it will punish the specialist. I had always known this, but now I know it first hand. So for now I have to suck. For now, I can only give what my conditioning allows. But after Commonwealth Games - someone just try and stop me.